We help you integrate information from your scale into other apps and platforms. In fact, that’s what inspired the name of the POINT® scale indicator. POINT serves as a connecting point to get scale information where you want it to go — but only with your permission.

Our API technology makes it all possible. API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” It’s an invisible web of technology that connects one device or application to another to get tasks done more quickly, efficiently and accurately. Besides working in the background to securely integrate your data, our API has revolutionized the way we provide in-field support for your POINT scale system. From automatic alerts to remote diagnostics and more, we’ve got you covered.

Featured Integrations

Secure Data

The power of our API rests in your hands. If you choose to send your scale’s data outside of your POINT® indicator or the REAP™ harvest inventory app, you must authorize it first.

Revolutionary Support

Your POINT® indicator will alert you if there is an issue within your scale system. You can call us from the field, authorize our technicians to remotely access your POINT® indicator, and receive immediate diagnosis to help you get back up and running fast.

Efficiency through Automation

Our scale technology is engineered to reduce the number of tedious administrative tasks through automation, whether you’re in the field or at the cattle chute. This helps you make informed decisions faster with accurate, reliable data.

Connected to the Future

As more equipment manufacturers grow their cloud-based applications to increase farmers’ access to data and analysis, we are poised to connect with them just like we do with John Deere and Performance Beef. Our API offers endless opportunities for expansion well beyond our own products to help you seamlessly integrate information from your scale into other platforms.

Work With Our API

POINT® and the Scale-Tec API are uniquely positioned and ready to connect. Contact us to discuss how your customers can benefit from integrating information from their scale systems into your platform.