From Scales to Face Shields

Scale-Tec employees holding face shields

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we shifted gears for a while and built plastic face shields. These shields were delivered to healthcare workers facing shortages of face shields as personal protective equipment (PPE). Donating these shields was the fastest way to get them into the hands of those who needed them the most. With the support of our customers and industry partners, we were able to build and donate a total of 5,000 shields.

Identifying a Need

We all have family members, friends, or neighbors working in our clinics and hospitals. We set out to find some way to help protect them as PPE shortages became more apparent. After making a few phone calls and conducting research, we realized that producing plastic face shields was a need we could help address. We used a face shield design made available by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as our blueprint.

Leveraging Our Assets

As a small company, we’re nimble. After reviewing the design, it became clear that we could assemble the face shields at Scale-Tec. We connected the dots with key vendors to place orders for materials. From there, we made some facility adjustments to set up an efficient workflow.

Face shield materials arriving at Scale-Tec

Assembling the Shields

While following social distancing guidelines, our team built, packed and prepared the shields for shipment.

Social distancing and shield assembly

Mission Accomplished

We’re proud of our team and grateful for the support of our customers and industry partners. We are happy to report that we are officially out of face shields – they have all been delivered!

One of our shields in action

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