HarvestMate™ Grain Cart Bundles

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Your Partner in Automated Record Keeping

Your grain cart is the center of your record-keeping throughout harvest. Don’t leave it up to chance. Get access to your records through reliable, customized automation of your information that is built to adapt to your operation.

Reasons to Bundle

Scale-Tec brings rich expertise to scale systems, designing our products to work as drop-in solutions with your existing operation. Our bundles are scalable to streamline your harvest operations by automating your record keeping. We only build with high-quality components to deliver a consistent experience to our customers.

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Bundle Options

Adaptability is the main strategy for our HarvestMate Grain Cart Bundle solutions. Whether you use an ISOBUS connection or something else, our bundles are designed to fit all equipment. A HarvestMate bundle is scalable and customizable to better meet your needs.

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Our Brand's Promise

Our reputation was built providing customer-focused service and manufacturing. Not only are our products built with rugged durability, our scale system experts are accessible to our customers for direct troubleshooting and follow through every time.

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HarvestMate ISO Bundle with REAP, POINT and ISO cable

HarvestMate ISO

Available for John Deere, Case IH and New Holland ISO-enabled tractors. This bundle automatically detects when you’re unloading and records the weight of each load directly into your REAP harvest inventory account.

This Bundle includes:

  • POINT scale indicator
  • REAP subscription
  • ISO cable (ISOBUS)
  • PowerUp feature activation (a button in the mobile app)
HarvestMate PROX Bundle with REAP, POINT, PROX and standard 12v cable

HarvestMate PROX

Available for makes/models of tractors that are not ISO-enabled, this bundle automatically records loads by using a laser sensor to detect grain cart and truck proximity.

This Bundle includes:

  • POINT scale indicator
  • REAP subscription
  • PROX sensor
  • Standard 12v cable
HarvestMate Custom Bundle

HarvestMate Custom

Our knowledge of setting up automated systems is unrivaled and nothing showcases that more than our HarvestMate Custom Bundle. With this bundle, customers can tweak our existing bundles to meet the needs and equipment capabilities of their operation.

This Bundle includes

  • POINT scale indicator
  • REAP subscription
  • TBD

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Tell us about your equipment and our experienced staff will build you a customized quote. Be sure to include your contact information – we will reach out with any final questions in order to deliver accurate pricing.