How Accuracy Can Make or Break Your Season

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With commodity prices still low, efficiency has never been more important.

How can you ensure you’re squeezing every penny out of your operation?

Through accuracy. Too many farmers don’t realize how much they lose through inaccurate measurements.

Let’s walk through a scenario. Yield monitors can easily go out of calibration. Resulting measurements can be off by as much as 10 percent.

If your yield monitor data is 10 percent over or under your yield’s actual weight, your yield map will be inaccurate. The calculations you or your agronomist makes, based on that yield map, will be incorrect.

What could happen? Let’s just look at fertilizer, the most expensive input. If your data is incorrect:

  • You could apply 10 percent less fertilizer than you need, resulting in a huge yield loss.
  • You could apply 10 percent more fertilizer than you need, resulting in a huge waste of dollars.

Maybe it’s not 10 percent – maybe it’s 5 percent or 8 percent. Let’s say fertilizer costs $130 per acre on corn and you have 1,000 acres. An overage of 10 percent would mean basically wasting $13,000 on fertilizer you didn’t need. Add seed and any other inputs, and it gets worse.

Do the math on your own acres. Right now farmers cannot afford sloppy management practices.

There’s a simple, inexpensive solution for making sure your yield monitor is always calibrated correctly. Using a grain cart scale can fix this problem forever – and squeeze every penny possible out of your operation.

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