Strategies to Maximize Efficiency at Harvest

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When crops are ready to harvest, it’s essential to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Row crop farmer Loring Heitman of Williamsburg, Iowa, relies on weighing grain in-field to help make his family’s harvest a smooth operation.

“There are three of us brothers. Two of us farm together, and one does not,” Loring says. “We have scales on two Kinze 1050 auger wagons, so we know what each individual field did as soon as it’s complete.”

Knowing their yields instantly is the first strategic benefit of having grain cart scales.

“The accuracy is unbelievable,” Loring says. “I would recommend anyone use a Scale-Tec scale on an auger wagon.”

The second benefit is saving valuable time, as well as fuel, during harvest. “It’s better than a drive-over scale because if we’re farming 20 or 30 miles from home and we finish a field, we don’t have to haul a partial semi load home and weigh it,” says Loring. “It’s already weighed.”

Without making numerous trips home to a drive-over scale, the brothers can strategically plan their harvest based on proximity, field readiness and storage or elevator locations.

Because of the grain cart scale accuracy, the Heitman brothers also rely on it when they divide up their grain at the end of harvest, and to sell grain from their bins.

Another benefit is being able to easily gather the total weights for each farm. “We use that information off each individual farm to know exactly what that farm is producing,” says Loring. “And that helps us figure out our plans for next year.”

“I feel very confident in the scales from Scale-Tec,” Loring says. “There’s no guess- work. And they more than pay for themselves in a year.”

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