REAP App Saves Time and Dollars at Harvest

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With tight commodity markets, every penny counts. Farmers nationwide are looking for small improvements that can have big impacts.

REAP, the new cloud-based app and Bluetooth® wireless technology device from Scale-Tec, is just such a solution.

It’s designed to collect, configure and share grain cart yield data securely in real time.

View a sneak peek video of the REAP app.

Enhanced Capability in the Field

Farmers will be able to get more use out of their grain cart than ever before, giving more capability to remote users of the REAP app connected to their grain cart. This is really critical for those that value an accurately calibrated yield monitor in the combine.  It also comes in handy for the truck driver to ensure they aren’t being overloaded, now that they can tie into the grain cart scale with their iPhone.

“If you are within 300-400 feet of the grain cart, you will be able to see the live grain cart weight on your iPhone or iPad. If you have cloud services in the field, you can also change the selections remotely of field, storage, and truck, meaning you don’t have to rely solely on the grain cart operator to ensure the inventory record is accurately recorded.” Says Nick Von Muenster, Scale-Tec director of operations.

 Numerous Options for Data Reporting at the Office

“The new app offers multiple reports for farmers,” says Von Muenster

  • Field Detail – See detailed load ticket information as well as the field total.
  • Field Summary – This report summarizes field totals for the farm selected.
  • Grower Summary – You receive a summary of farm totals for the grower selected.
  • Storage Inventory Detail – Provides a total inventory report for storage locations, showing a list of all loads deposited into each location.
  • Storage Summary – Get a summary of all your inventory storage locations.
  • Truck Load Detail – Access a detailed list of truck loads taken from any field.
  • APH Unit Detail – Get detailed load tickets for the insurable unit in regards to federal crop insurance.
  • APH Unit Summary – This reports provides a summary of your APH for your insurable units.

Easy to Access, Easy to Use

Farmers can access their data on mobile devices or on a web dashboard.

“One thing that’s very important to us is that farmers have complete control over their information,” says Von Muenster. “Nobody can collect or access the data unless the farmer chooses to share it with another person, such as an insurance agent.”

REAP works with any existing Digi-Star scale system manufactured beginning in 2011.

The app features an easy-to-use interface. “It takes just two clicks to change or add a field name,” Von Muenster says. “ From their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops, growers can access their information immediately.

Farmers can also use REAP for an unlimited number of growers, farms and fields.

“And when used with the new Digi-Star GT560 and a moisture sensor, the app can convert grain cart weight to dry bushel weight,” he says.


Scale-Tec will make REAP available in mid-July and formally introduce the product at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in August.


Learn more detail about the features of reap by going to the features page.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section to get your answers about REAP.


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