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Scale-Tec’s new scale kit for the John Deere 1910 commodity cart is available for purchase from implement dealers across the North American continent.

John Deere 1910 owners have already demonstrated a desire to use stellar equipment for their inputs, by choosing the JD 1910. Paired with a scale system from Scale-Tec, dealers are now able to offer their valued customers a way to confirm proper seed and fertilizer inputs.

Scale-Tec CEO and President Ken Von Muenster said, “A total return of investment on a scale system will be seen by many growers in the first year of use. At current seed costs a producer of 8000 acres of wheat over applying 5%, will save over $14,000 in extra cost per year, and this doesn’t even take into consideration error percentage of fertilizer application and yield loss. With a combination of input loss of 5% seed and 5% fertilizer, as well as yield loss potential, machine hours and man hours, a wheat producer of 8000 acres has the potential of saving over $100,000. We have talked with agronomists in the western plains region and they have verified the reality of cost savings with this scale system.”

A limited number of kits are available for fall 2015 and are available for pre-order 2016. The kit is available for both mechanical drive and hydraulic drive commodity carts, and for both tow behind and tow between versions of the John Deere 1910 commodity cart. ISOBUS options allow the scale system to be viewed in the cab of the tractor on the ISO compatible Greenstar display or command arm display, as well as optional remote display for filling purposes on the commodity cart.

Producers can utilize the scale system to verify their population rates as the product is being applied to the field. This allows the operator of the John Deere 1910 to make informed in-field adjustments to their application rate. By mounting the scale system on the commodity cart, the operator now has the ability to catch critical blockages during seeding, or prevent bridging during fertilizer application. Depending on the size of operation, the scale system will pay for itself in the first year of use, and allow for additional higher yield profit margin by validating accuracy of application.

Headquartered in Anamosa, Iowa, with additional facilities in Galion, Ohio, Scale-Tec, Ltd. is a leader in innovation with scale application in the agricultural industry, striving to enhance precision agriculture and farming capabilities to existing equipment to ensure veracity in all facets of the farming operation.

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