D.O.T. Salt Trucks

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Calibrate for Savings

Maximize cost efficiency by calibrating your entire fleet with a Scale-Tec scale system.

What’s Included

A salt spreader calibration kit includes these components
DOT Salt Trucks calibration box
Calibration Box
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Weigh Bars / Load Cells
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Cables & Wiring
Junction Bank icon
DT6 Junction Bank
Hardware icon
Mounting Hardware
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Instruction Manual

We Recommend

We recommend the following products to expand your scale’s capability and maximize the benefits it can offer (sold separately).

Reasons to Install a Scale

Calibrate easily and quickly

Position the calibrator behind the spreader truck, zero the scale, and load the salt into the calibrator. Adjust your truck’s calibration based on the weight displayed by the indicator.

Spread more consistently

Calibrate your trucks to be sure you’re spreading accurately and consistently across your entire fleet.

Maximize cost efficiency

Spread the optimum amount of product without compromising safety, while minimizing over-application at the same time.

Salt Trucks on icy road

Change locations easily

Move the calibrator box wherever you need it with a forklift or an end loader with forks.

Extend bridge life

Over-application negatively impacts bridge integrity.

Use it universally

We designed the calibrator box to be used with all types of vehicles, tire sizes and spreader configurations.

Why Choose Scale-Tec

We build exceptional scale components, engineered to fit your needs. When you choose Scale-Tec, you can count on industry-leading support, reliable service, and innovative technology.

Request a Quote

Tell us about your equipment and our experienced staff will build you a customized quote. Be sure to include your contact information – we will reach out with any final questions in order to deliver accurate pricing.